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Strawberry Shortcake

I know that I’m a couple of days late, but look at how patriotic this dessert looks when you put it on a blue plate! I’m going to keep this in mind for next year’s Fourth of July festivities. 

Due to the fact that fresh whipped cream doesn’t keep for an extremely long time, you probably want to whip it up (literally) right before serving. 

This dish has just the right amount of sweetness, and if you prepare it in the summer with fresh strawberries it is aaamazing. 

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Deviled Eggs


Deviled eggs are a classic party food. The easiest way to bring this snack up a notch is to bust out your icing tips for the filling - it’s almost easier than spooning the filling in, and it looks fancy and polished. I like to use a large open star tip to get what is shown in the pictures, but you could also use a basic round tip, or even cut the tip off one of the corners of a regular Ziploc back. 

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Mandarin Orange Cupcakes

OK, so these cupcakes are good enough that I thought it was a good idea to bake / use the oven in my kitchen on the hottest day of the year (so far). It was 80+ degrees outside, and I sweated it out in the kitchen to make these because I wanted to eat them THAT badly. 

I made these cupcakes for the first time a few years ago, and they’ve been on my to-blog list for a while. Honestly, I prefer to make things more from scratch, so the fact that this recipe incorporates a boxed cake mix gave me pause, but this recipe is too good to pass up. 

The frosting is essentially Cool Whip, so it’s hard to make them look “cute,” but these are the kind of cupcakes that you shove in your mouth as fast as possible rather than admire. On that same vein, they do need to be refrigerated until right before they are served. 

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

I think I’m one of the few people that is actually squicked out about the idea of eating normal raw cookie dough. I just can’t get over the fact that there are raw eggs in there. As a result, I LOVE making things that include egg-free “cookie dough” such as the recipe below and the cookie dough stuffed cupcakes that I blogged about a year ago. 

My coworker, Nick, actually sent me this recipe, and it immediately jumped to the top of my to-try list. These are delicious, and they disappeared fast.

Based on the recipe source, I actually created two 8x8 pans of brownies, but then I used all of the cookie dough on top of one of the pans so that there was about a 50/50 ratio of brownie to cookie dough. As written, the recipe will have enough cookie dough to cover both 8x8 pans of brownies, but you will have twice as much cookie dough as what is shown in the pictures. 

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Maple Oatmeal Cookies


My favorite thing about oatmeal cookies is the fact that you can eat them for breakfast and pretend like it is a reasonable thing to do. A few of these, and you can practically say you ate a bowl of oatmeal, am I right?

Delusions aside, I love the texture that oatmeal gives to cookies. The maple flavor provided by the syrup takes these cookies up another notch, and these are pretty quick to throw together. 

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Broccoli with Spicy Cheddar Sauce


I actually just love broccoli. As a result, I’ve never really felt the need to add a cheese sauce to this vegetable to make it “more delicious” (while also making it less healthy.) Regardless, the idea of it always sounded awesome - I think one time I lazily purchased one of those “steam in a bag” broccolis with cheese sauce in the freezer aisle and was less than impressed with the flavor, and since then I’ve wanted to make a sauce from scratch. 

I picked up this Vegetable of the Day cookbook by Williams and Sonoma from the library about a week ago; I have the W+S general cookbook along with the breakfast and brunch one, and I actually really love not only the recipes, but their presentation. I started skimming through their vegetable cookbook for some ideas, and when I had taken about 15 pictures of recipes by page 20, I was pretty convinced that I actually need to purchase this book. 

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Strawberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Something about it being springtime made me really want to bake something with strawberries. We had a couple of beautiful days last week, but it was too good to be true, and it has been raining a ton this weekend. As a result, I thought today would be a good day to hole up in the kitchen for a couple of hours to try this recipe out. 

The frosting is AMAZING. I haven’t made a cream cheese frosting before that incorporated heavy cream, but I was intrigued by its promises of being good for piping as the cream cheese frosting recipes I’ve tried in the past don’t hold their shape that well. Not only does this hold its shape for piping, but it is very light and delicious. This recipe is absolutely one to keep. 

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Brown Butter Salted Caramel Snickerdoodles


My wonderful sister sent me this recipe about 6 months ago, so it has been on my “to-try” list for ages. I already have the perfect snickerdoodle recipe in my repertoire, but that one doesn’t include the cream of tartar that most snickerdoodles use, and obviously it doesn’t have the magical carmel-center surprise that this one sports. Additionally, brown butter kicks almost everything up a notch. 

If I were to do this any differently, I might consider just halving the caramel cubes (instead of quartering) so that there is a bit more of the gooey caramel center. But, as the recipe stands, you still get a nice hunk of caramel in the middle. 

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Dairy-Free Chocolate Milkshake

Unfortunately, I’m a little bit lactose intolerant. It’s not a big deal with small amounts of dairy, but chugging down a delicious milkshake or digging in to a huge bowl of ice cream just aren’t great ideas for me. Because of this, if I have a milkshake craving, my best option is to make one at home!

In the last few years, I discovered the most delicious alternative to dairy ice cream - SO Delicious Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert. My favorite is the chocolate. It is very very similar to regular ice cream. In fact, I think it is even creamier, and there is a very subtle hint of coconut flavor. I definitely don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything flavor or texture-wise when I get a pint of this instead of ice cream; the only real negative is the cost. 

I also love these individual serving sized almond milk containers. 95% of the time I drink water with my meals, but every once in a while a cold glass of chocolate milk really hits the spot. If you get the larger containers, they are only supposed to be good for a week after opening, which is why these single serves are much better suited for someone who drinks it infrequently.

I hate to post a recipe with such very specific ingredients, but sometimes you just get into the habit of avoiding things you shouldn’t eat rather than looking for modified recipes (I mean, a milk-free milkshake is a bit counter-intuitive). I hope that I can introduce more people to this dairy-free “ice cream.”

(As a side note, I don’t think the chocolate chips pictures and used in the recipe are actually dairy-free, but my lactose-intolerance is very mild. If you have a severe allergy, I’m sure you know to look at the labeling of everything you eat.)

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Biscuits and Gravy


The delicious biscuits are making a reprise! Ok, my sister already informed me about how non-appetizing the above picture is, but it’s just really hard to make sausage gravy look not-gross in a picture.

This recipe is great for breakfast. Pair it with this buttermilk biscuit recipe, and you’re golden. 

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